Hand and Foot Prints

Clay hand and footprints are a beautiful lasting way to preserve your new born’s memories.   Either as a personal keepsake or  as a wonderful gift for a relative or close one, Clay imprints are uniqe.  They really are the perfect way to capture a very special memory!

So where else would you go to make this wonderful gift?  The Happy Potter of course, the experts in personalised gifts and momentos.

This Session needs to be Booked !

 If you can give us a little notice we can arrange to have air drying clay ready for your visit.  We will then assist you to make the impression and then, paint and engrave the piece in your choice of colour and message.  The piece then will need to be glazed and fired in the kiln and we will then inform you when it is ready to collect.  We can even arrange to mount it on a frame for you.

This whole process does take a little time and preparation, as the clay needs to dry for a few days both before and after impression, so please contact us here first to discuss.

Prints on Pottery

 As well as clay imprints we can 12342773_1233876383296082_4161727524599778_nassist you to capture hand and foot imprints on nearly all of our pottery items.  You can do it on Plates, Mugs, Vases, Plaques, Tiles, Bowls, Teapots.  We will give you lots of inspiration and help you complete your design with patterns or stamps.  These items can be produced in just a few days.

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